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Join in for a friendly chat over the gate about home and country matters. (Nominated Charity The British Heart Foundation)
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Garden snails
Word Association
PICK ONE ................
Utility bills
Alternative fuels for diesel cars
Diamond knot vatiations
Single strand diamond knot tutorial
green house
Boiler - gas , oil or elec
WW1 tour - Belgium and France
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Join us for a friendly chat over the gate about home and country matters, (Nominated Charity The British Heart Foundation)
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Utility bills
Kaz, did you go ahead and get the solar panels you were talking about some time ago?
Garden snails
Yorkshire Geordie wrote:
woody wrote:
We had another 12 a day or two ago I have revised the cooking method
1st blanche for 3 mins, then remove from their shell.
2nd return to the boiling water and simmer for around a hour.

If you have to remove them from their shells then why bother?
Slugs are snails without shells - why not eat them instead?  


Sorry to have to piss on your parade but slug ...
Diamond knot vatiations
diamond knot variations

Single strand diamond knot tutorial
The single strand diamond is a nice stopper or ending knot.  Great for lanyards.

Single Strand Diamond Knot tutorial
I thank the Soylent branch of the IGKT for introducing me to this knot

Bring Working End on the right in a loop over itself.

Make another loop on top o ...
WW1 tour - Belgium and France
Got home yesterday from our trip through the tunnel. Love the tunnel, will never take the ferry again (hate boats! Get sea sick!) and we started once again in Dunkirk, as Michael wanted to look around there first.

Well,  we stayed on a site right on the border with Belgium. On the road, the island with the old border crossing is still there but is in use no longer, you just drive into Belgium! Lovely country but some of the concrete roads were a little rough!

Visiting Ypres was something ...
green house
anyone give me some advise on getting a green house please? i have been looking at these....http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UK-6x8-Feet-Aluminium-Frame-Polycarbonate-Clip-Greenhouse-With-Foundation-Base/263089656490?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
Stop Press News !
Stop Press News.
Ten minutes ago, I had a phone call from the nice lady who runs our local Tudweliog village show. She's been let down by the poultry judge, could I step into the breach ?
Well I've only ever judged game show classes but she was desperate and I said yes.
My judging appointment starts at ten o'clock tomorrow morning and by the way she said "There maybe one or two rabbits" The only thing that I know about rabbits, is how to cook them.
Alternative fuels for diesel cars
There is a 2500 litres per year personal use exemption from fuel duty.
This exemption simply requires you to keep a record of your consumption and blending recipe for 6 years
Details here  https://www.gov.uk/government/pub...ofuels-and-other-fuel-substitutes

From what I read a blend of 85% rapeseed oil (SVO )and 15% petrol burns in a diesel just like diesel.
The petrol thins the SVO so the v ...
Well i have been busy this week , tuesday and thursday involved picking 14.5 lbs of berries most were destined for the jam/jelly pan , but a couple of lb.s are going in the freezer for future pies , i still have loads left but not sure that we will want many more , as i now the redcurrants to tackle, then i have rasps , so we should be well fruited this year .
sheep race with pics
Aye you have been busy , it looks great and best of all its yours and it works   i always find it so good when what you have planned comes to fruition .
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