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Join in for a friendly chat over the gate about home and country matters. (Nominated Charity The British Heart Foundation)
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Word Association
out for a stroll
Few chick pics
bdooly Cheek !
Lyme Disease and Tick Bites.
Candling duck eggs this evening
Some of this seasons Light Sussex.
What's your favourite Laying Breed?
Indian Game
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Join us for a friendly chat over the gate about home and country matters, (Nominated Charity The British Heart Foundation)
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out for a stroll
Just driven past a young fox trotting up the main road in the village as if he owned the place ,heading in the direction of Bodger's   Wish i'd had the camera or even my phone with me.
Lyme Disease and Tick Bites.
My partner and I make a anti feedant it prevents ticks biting, we also do midge repellent using a old canadian trappers recipe all are made from natural ingredients, the range is called stupidly simple it is on a Bushcraft site BCUK
bdooly Cheek !
bdooly Cheek !

You should never bite the hand that feeds you and definitely not the blokes arse ! Damned goose !
Some of this seasons Light Sussex.
The next generation of Light Sussex.

I took a photo of these youngsters last night. They represent the next step in my utility Light Sussex breeding programme. They are 75% my own strain with 25% from the Fred Hamms line. As you can see, this blend is producing quite a bit of colour and of course, as always its going to be interesting to see how they turn out.
I always say that colour doesn't really count and I stand by that but I couldn't help but notice that the last year the straight cros ...
What's your favourite Laying Breed?
I like big eggs and I like them either White or Dark Brown.

So no surprise my favourite Laying Breeds are Leghorns, Welsummers and Marans.

What's yours?
Indian Game
Few pics of my Indian Game breeding pen in the sunshine.

[url=http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/2061546/IMG_3652.JPG][img:a0b4566ecd]http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/2061546/IMG_3652.JPG[ ...
Any further news about what is going on?
Shade lovers.
I am trying to revive our much neglected fruit and veg paddock. It has had a few years of neglect and my back isn't really up to weeding and digging it all over so I am having some excellent help from our 3 weaners in a mobile ark and a pen made of sheep hurdles-they are clearing it fantastically.
So the first section that is clear is adjacent to our stables and at the moment is in shade until about 1pm. As the year goes on I think it will get the sun a little earlier but because of the shadow ...
Finally ?
Finally ?
I think I might have cracked it !
For the last few weeks I've had a heck of a job to get my oldest batch of growing chickens to feed properly. I struggled to wean them off chick crumbs and  onto growers pellets to such an extent, that I felt I had to go back to with them to crumbs again but by that time, they'd become half hearted at eating them as well. I tried them with quail pellets but they didn't fancy that either. I was so desperate I even resorted to giving them bread and ...
Spare Cock Birds.
I have selected my birds for this season and have around 25 of last years males going free.
No room left in my freezers and it's a shame to waste them.

Welsh Blacks and Indian Game.

HR36HL Hereford Border.
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