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Join in for a friendly chat over the gate about home and country matters. (Nominated Charity The British Heart Foundation)
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Join us for a friendly chat over the gate about home and country matters, (Nominated Charity The British Heart Foundation)
Flavour of the month ?
Flavour of the month ?
Just got back from a weeks holiday and things have gotten pretty quiet on here , so here you go, lets try and get the ball rolling again.
I'm sure that like me, every year summer is a constant battle against red mite. At this time of the year, one minute you haven't got a problem and then the next, you've got thousands of them.
Fashions seem to come and go when it comes to red mite control. One moment a product is hailed as the new Messiah and then the next, its short comings become all too apparent.
I've tried all sorts of things over the years and I'm giving some thought as to what to what to buy in this season? Has anyone got any recommendations for blitzing the little devils this year?

I've started on the task of going through the chicken sheds this morning. So far, all the sheds that I proofed against wild birds for the bird flu have been clear but I haven't got to the sheds where the hens are free ranging yet. At the moment, I've got some 'Professional' fly killer in my sprayer from a company calling themselves 'Buz Busters' I was given it a few years ago and I've no idea if its any good but I'll let you know how it goes when its called into action.
Flavour of the month ?
Good luck with it i hope it does the job
Flavour of the month ?
We don't seem to have any this year! Went over everything in spring with creosote before putting new perches etc in the houses and the insides got power hosed in rotation and it seems to have worked!
Flavour of the month ?
I've no experience of this at all, but I know that food grade Diatomaceous Earth is often recommended?

Flavour of the month ?
One for DE. Not had any red mite, lice, fleas, etc since I started using it 5 years ago.
Also put some in the hens food and had no problems with worms.  
Flavour of the month ?
I picked up 3 ex-batts on sunday not having had any chickens for a few years so will be interested to hear/see everyones thoughts.

I had forgotten how much there was to think about for just having a few chickens about the place.

Flavour of the month ?
This years I've been using Desi-Dust by OrganX

Has worked well so far.
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