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Join in for a friendly chat over the gate about home and country matters. (Nominated Charity The British Heart Foundation)
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Join us for a friendly chat over the gate about home and country matters, (Nominated Charity The British Heart Foundation)
fig tree
always wanted one. any advise on what to get and where to plant... would be great  
fig tree
We have two both growing from branches of trees. They were just pushed into ground till rooted then cut off and planted in pots, one had a fruit on this year.
fig tree
I wish I could help you but the fig trees I have in my side yard do not like me.  They do produce fruit but I cannot access them and whoever does manages to remove the lot.  

I hope they enjoy them and are well stocked up with bog roll.
fig tree
juli, watch for people running to the toilets
fig tree
samuria wrote:
juli, watch for people running to the toilets

There is only one person who can access my side yard, which is not visible from the front.  And it is inaccessible from the rear either.

But.  Him-next-door-the-other-side who no longer lives there - he and his family used to live in a large extension to the original bungalow where his father [and his carer and housekeeper] now live.  And him-next-door-the-other-side does still visit and can still get into my side yard.

Which is no doubt why my fig trees, who fig very well, never have figs left on them.

Oh, and the six white plastic garden armchairs that I had stacked behind the lean-to where The Silver Monster, my big road scooter lives - the chairs had been "hidden" behind what I call The Shack for the winter.

Guess where they ended up?

In his yard.

So if he does still strip my fig trees, I do hope he ends up messing his kecks.
Re: fig tree
samuria wrote:
always wanted one. any advise on what to get and where to plant... would be great  

I would recommend Brown Turkey - I have 8 or so varieties and it has been the earliest, most precocious and most prolific for us.
fig tree
I haven't a clue what the variety actually is, but I've got a fig tree in a pot that is thriving outside in sodden wet, overcast and chilly, central Scotland. It's got nine big figs on it just now
I put it into a cold greenhouse over Winter, but that is literally the only coddling it gets.
Very pleased with it on the whole.

fig tree
I fancy a fig tree  but have never got around to doing anything about it so I'll see what everyone else has got to say on the matter
fig tree
Our son bought his mother one called 'Mrs Williams'   when working at 'Bunnings' hasn't been put out into garden yet still in a pot.
fig tree
My trees had started figging beautifully - then everything vanished.
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