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Join in for a friendly chat over the gate about home and country matters. (Nominated Charity The British Heart Foundation)
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Join us for a friendly chat over the gate about home and country matters, (Nominated Charity The British Heart Foundation)
Craft books for sale.
I'm having a slow clear out. Over the years I don't think I've yet met a textile craft that I haven't tried or basketry, pottery, costume, etc.,
I also have a love affair with books   but there comes a time when I can't buy any new ones because I'm overflowing with ones I've read, used, liked fine, but just don't need anymore.

I'm hopeless at photos, so when I add to this thread, I'll put in links to Amazon and other booksellers who also sell used books.
I pack carefully, and will only sell books that I'd be happy to receive myself.

First up is a knitting book. Not for the beginner, but if you like colour work and you're confident in stranded patterns then this book is both inspirational and rather fun. The mittens, socks and hats are really lovely too.
The book is the hardback version, has been used but not abused, has my name and a date inside (sorry, pen, but could be covered with tippex and written over) but is very clean, in good sound order, and comes from a smoke and damp free home. I did have a cat, but not for several years now.

Mostly Mittens, by Charlene Schurch. "Traditional Knitting patterns from Russia's Komi People". Scandinavian style but with a Russian designs.

Illustrations and reviews….


£12 by either bacs or paypal.
The book will be delivered by courier (I can easily get to the drop point for MyHermes but I know not everyone's happy with them, so if another courier suits you better, let me know and I'll see what I can do) and posted either the day, or the day, after payment is received and I'll send you the tracking number as soon as I have it.

Traditional Island Knitting, by Pam Dawson
Traditional Island Knitting, by Pam Dawson.

Another knitting book, full of really useable patterns. Decently shaped jumpers, pullovers, cardigans, etc., with a lot of history and very clear instructions. From Cornwall to the Fair Isles

Another used but not abused book, in clean condition. Hardback with it's dustcover in good order. It sells very cheaply on Amazon.


However, it's heavy, so postage adds a chunk to the cost.
£7 delivered, though if bought with an other book, I'll happily refund postage if I can get a combined fee that works out more cheaply.

12th scale dollshouse furniture making
Making Dolls' House Furniture, by Patricia King

This one's a paperback. If you like footering with bits and pieces inventively then this one's ideal


It's in good used but not abused condition. Very clean and unmarked.

Reviewer said, "This book is a wonderfully comprehensive set of instructions to make a Victorian style dollhouse, complete with family, servants, and shops to go to. The book includes wonderful step-by-step instructions, which show you exactly how to make the various parts. Exploded diagrams show you the parts coming together, making construction easy, and many wonderful photographs show what the finished product should look like.
I can't say enough about this book. If you are interested in making dollhouse furniture, then you must at least look at this book!"

Personally I found it interesting, and I taught a couple of classes on 12th scale furniture making at one of the local craft studios and used the book then. For my own 12th scale, I'm a fussy besom I even dovetail the tiny wee drawers in pieces I make. This book doesn't do that detail, but the writer has a wonderful way of seeing potential in the most astonishing little scraps of stuff, and it ends up looking 'right' too.

£6 delivered, or if with another book, I'll refund the difference in the postage (I think the postage will be nearly £3 on the book)

Easy to make Dolls\' House accessories, Andrea Barham
Another 12th scale modelling book.
Easy to make Dolls' House Accessories, by Andrea Barham
Again interesting, full of detail and good ideas. Fun to play around with too; there's even a pattern to sew the tiniest little teddybear

It too sells cheaply on Amazon though,

Reviewer wrote, "Interested in creating your own dolls house accessories? This is the book for you. You will find extensive details on materials and drawings for making a large variety. Was especially impressed with the crystal chandelier. Very inspirational."

It's in good clean condition, uncracked spine, etc., though my name's inside in pen (sorry, tippex is good stuff though and it can be overwritten).

£8 delivered, or I'll pack and post both of the 12th scale books for £11.

Celtic backstitch embroidery book, by Helen Hall
I have no idea why this one is selling so cheaply second hand
Oh well.

Celtic Backstitch by Helen Hall

This one is in very good condition indeed.
If you like cross stitch or other counted thread work, making cards and smallish things, then this book is fun
Very clear instructions, very approachable and a gentle read through.

£4 delivered on it's own, or a postage reduction if bought with another book.

The Encyclopedia of North American Indian Tribes
The Encyclopedia of North American Indian Tribes, by Bill Yenne

This one isn't so much crafty as anthropology, with a small a. It's full of details, of photos of very real people, and wonderful examples of skilled craftsmanship of a lifestyle that has mostly disappeared.
I am detail orientated, and this book was full of inspiration.

It's a very good hard back copy. Used, read, not abused, not marked and clean. The cover has been carefully repaired (small split at the top back corner about an inch long) but otherwise the book is in excellent condition.
Very heavy hardback book. "from the Abitibi to the Zuni".


£8 delivered, but again I'm happy to combine postage costs.

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