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Join in for a friendly chat over the gate about home and country matters. (Nominated Charity The British Heart Foundation)
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First of my early spuds
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Join us for a friendly chat over the gate about home and country matters, (Nominated Charity The British Heart Foundation)
Has anyone on here got a Halogen oven, and if so is it possible to make Cornish pasties in it? I have just had  an oven bought for me and I'm keen to use it and as I planned pasties for tea I just wondered
Avvy, yes they can be done - in half the time accordingly:-


Bon Appétit
A very useful bit of kit.
I have a small halogen oven and it does everything a full size oven will do.  Not that I have a full size oven, just a large "toaster" oven, but the halogen one is much easier and quicker to use.  I have not used the other oven since I got the little halogen one.

Come to think of it, I do not have a proper hob either, just a three-burner gas hob, but I use my single induction hob instead.  And I cook in my microwave.  Anything to make life easier!

Amazon had some ultra cheap cookbooks for halogen ovens - no idea if they still have them - but they taught me all I needed to know.
Thinking about it, when there is only me to cook/prepare food for [Tikva is raw fed], why would I need a "proper" cooker when small appliances are so much more useful for me?
Thank you for the for the reply's Have not tried it yet ,will let you know when I do
I've never tried one - let us know how you get on?  
never heard of them  
sod wrote:
never heard of them  

Looks like this

welsh boy thank you must look out for them
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