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Join in for a friendly chat over the gate about home and country matters. (Nominated Charity The British Heart Foundation)
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Join us for a friendly chat over the gate about home and country matters, (Nominated Charity The British Heart Foundation)
BRC National Championships......
Here we come!!!

My youngest daughter qualified with her Riding club team for dressage at a British Riding Clubs qualifier on sunday and is now off to the BRC National Championships in Sept at Lincs showground.

Really pleased for her as she has struggled with her horse (Dolly) being rather excitable when it comes to the dressage phase as she is looking forward to the jumping that usually follows. but on sunday she kept it all under wraps until the very last 2 movements and even then only dropped potentially 4 marks.

As her big sister competed at the Nationals a few years ago, Victoria is really chuffed to be going herself.

I am a very proud mum!!!  

BRC National Championships......
And so you should be too.

It used to frighten me stiff watching Doodle riding her ponies in competition. I've never been a good back seat driver.
BRC National Championships......
Great news

Well done
Re: BRC National Championships......
ClaireK wrote:
Here we come!!!

I am a very proud mum!!!  


Justifiably so - congratulations to Victoria AND Mum and not forgetting Dolly.  

BRC National Championships......
It sounds like a lot of quiet perseverence and hard work has paid off
Very well done though, and I hope the Nationals are a brilliant experience for her.
You have every reason to be a very proud Mum.

BRC National Championships......
Congratulations to all involved - you will all have a great time (but Dolly might get rather too  excited    )
BRC National Championships......
Great news and every reason to be proud and thanks for sharing so can enjoy too
BRC National Championships......
Very well done  
BRC National Championships......
We are feeling a bit disheartened at the moment as Dolly is lame, ok on soft ground but definitely unlevel on concrete. Vet coming out tomorrow and keeping fingers crossed it will be a short lay off time, as in days, not weeks!

Really feel sorry for Victoria as things were starting to come together, but then thats the way horses go!

BRC National Championships......
Fingers crossed that it is only a hiccup
BRC National Championships......
Vet has been and says it looks like she has just tweaked a tendon. There is still some swelling but not as much as before. 3 days box rest and bute and then we can trot her up on friday. Yesterday Dolly was much better and happy to trot, so fingers crossed she will be back on track in a week or so.  

BRC National Championships......
Great news  
BRC National Championships......
Good girl Dolly  
BRC National Championships......
As is the way with horses, Dolly has been diagnosed with a ruptured check ligament in her right foreleg meaning up to 3 months box rest and a long period of rehab! Unfortunately, this will mean no riding club champs for Victoria and Dolly this year. Vet confirmed it with a scan yesterday and has given us a long list of rehab instructions to follow.

Understandably Victoria is gutted but is just happy that at the end of the winter, we should have a Dolly that is back on track for next year.

BRC National Championships......
Oh no so sorry to hear that  
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