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Zider Zeason!

I've just this second had a phone call from a pub in Abersoch to say that they'd like to try a 10 litre bag of our cider in their pub. Hopefully it should sell well and then that will take it to four pubs that I'm supplying. I'm feeling dead chuffed.

Oops! I nearly forgot  When I was at our local Wynnstay this morning, the manager asked me to sell my wares at an open day that they're having in May.



Believe me, you have put so much into this venture...tip my hat to you...



I took the new pub a 10 litre box at 11.30 am and I've just had a phone call to say that they'd sold out. I'm taking them a 20 litre box this evening.  

Nice work!

   all that hard work is paying off  
Dave C

Great news pal, hope to taste some one day.  
colour it green

that's ace -well done

I spent a very quiet day yesterday selling cider at the Sarn and District Ploughing Match. In total, I sold 61 pints of cider at two pounds a pint which amounted to 122.00. Take away 12.00 for my pitch and 21.00 for my occasional licence and it really wasn't worth my while. Still its a lesson learned and I don't think that I'll be putting in an appearance there next year. My next event will be from our own place next Sunday and Monday.

A few degrees too cool really today. I've got a temporary events licence for today and tomorrow, which allows me to sell cider from our own place. Its been pretty chilly here today, but even so, I've still managed to sell over two hundred pounds worth so far.
Here's a photo of the stall that I have set up in our front yard.


Would you not have been better off getting a pitch at the show?

Any chance of a crafty sign near the round about?

We will be ambushing as many show goers as possible tomorrow.

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