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stir crazy

yummy dog food

my aged border collie has a poorly heart. our biggest problem is finding a nice feed she will eat. she likes the cat food which is covered in jelly - she usually has a dried food so I am not sure what is out there these days. any suggestions?

Our dogs are being fussy at the moment and I am juggling with different foods to find one that works.
I would imagine that most dog foods are nutritionally balanced nowadays so dog food in jelly might suit her.
Have the vets given you any specific things that she has to have or keep away from?
stir crazy

she can eat anything - more a case of finding something she fancies. she had an appetite stimulant last night and some stronger meds and they seem to have had a positive effect on her.

Whilst we are on the subject - does anyone know of a suitable food for windy dogs?? Our lurcher farts for England! We use natures menu, sensitive tum chicken and rice stuff - pouches - additive free and he likes it but it still gives him horrible gas! Love Lizzie

We had our dogs on Arden Grange for a couple of years and we found that cut stinky gas out completely.  They did blow off, it just didn't smell.  Now they're on Dr Johns again and it honks!  

I have always kept Great Danes and they can be tricky to feed.

I buy frozen chicken wings, frozen lamb (beef makes them smelly and windy) plus liver and fish in moderation.  I all comes in frozen from a pet food wholesaler, and I would suspect works out cheaper than processed feed.

I often feed the mince raw for a change , but most things are cooked with water and sometimes greens or scraps in the bottom oven overnight.  

The chicken bones are easily removed before feeding.  You can buy rice in 25 kilo bags and that can be cooked for adding in.  

I know it is a bit of a faff, but most dogs are pretty happy with this sort of diet.  A teaspoon of dried seaweed meal and a sprinkle of cod liver or some sort of good oil adds an extra bit of goodness.

Mine also have raw eggs, and milk (it can be clabbered if the dogs digestion is a bit tricky)   Often a change in diet is a tempting as anything - I wouldn't want to eat exactly the same thing every day.

When I have a dog with a really finicky appetite I have used a vitamin tonic to good effect.

Good luck with her anyway.  You could try a pound or two of cheap mince and some liver and cheap chicken portions from the butcher first to see if it is going to work, but I would expect it will.  

wouldvlove to see pictures of your danes DBE x

lizzze - charcoal biscuits work quite well.

debbie wrote:
wouldvlove to see pictures of your danes DBE x

Don't want to divert the thread, have started a new one  

Regarding pongy windy dogs, Pereg used to have me gagging a times, but since changing her to a totally raw diet [more "Prey" than "BARF"] her farts are nowhere near as pongy and far less frequently than before.

The only problem is when she is standing by the open doorway just beside my chair/table and barks at someone/something going past that she objects to, because when she barks she farts, and her bum is pointed in my direction!

Raw is definitely less farty than kibble, at least for Pereg.

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