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Your thoughts?

I'm not a dog owner, but neither of these two German Shepherds look right to me. And the 'winner' looked clearly lame on the back end.

Are German Shepherds supposed to have roach backs?

Seems to me that Crufts has still not cleaned up its act.

I am in total agreement with you Seabird, GSDs of today are a shameful shadow of what they used to be, the breed used to have a strong, straight back, now the slope they have leaves their backside almost touching the floor in some cases, that dog that won it's class this year looked all out of co-ordination, as if it had a mental health problem the poor thing.

As you say the KC aint cleaning up their act as it has been well documented over the years about several breeds suffering because of aesthetic goals, which in my opinion in many cases make them look worse anyway not better.

That is     to me Those poor dogs how could they ever work as a GS is meant to.

I'm glad you agree. Both dogs look to be in pain. Who decides how these dogs should look? It seems odd to breed a dog that looks constantly subservient and can obviously hardly walk, let alone work.

I've heard comments that the dog was 'stressed' in the ring and not showing its best, but when I was briefly involved in showing ponies the first lesson I was taught was to show your animal to its best in the ring because regardless of all else it's how the animal looks and behaves on the day that's important. If show wins are the benchmark for breeding stock who wants to breed from an animal that show fear and stress?

I just feel so sorry for these animals.

There is too much human intervention in breeding so called show dogs that dosn,t look right when all is said and done

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