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Your thoughts, asparagus.

Its decision time.
Some 8 - 10 years back, from seed grew my first ever asparagus (Martha Washington)
Kept eight plants, gave the rest to fellow allotmenteers. Boy was I chuffed at the time.
When the allotment went and we moved here, they were transplanted in fact the very first bed to be built.
Eight good plants went down five.
Even allowing for the first two years since, this being the third season, they have basically done nothing, pish, a couple of ferns, just, per plant.
My thoughts are now dig the beggers up, better off in the compost than wasting limited space.
Start again.
Re-do the bed, dig it out, manure and fresh compost.

What do you all reckon and what varieties would you recommend?
Don't think I'll go down the seed route again.


Yes dig up and buy in 1 year old crowns. the variety i have is Gijnlim f1 and i have been pleased with it. You could always research on google and read reviews as i know there are quite a few varieties to choose from. Good luck

I wouldn't compost 'em. It might be where they are. Can you move 'em to a different spot? Hate to see your efforts at keeping them along, go to pot. When I moved my asparagus to our new place, it did the same thing as yours. It did this year too, but I have hopes for next year. hang in there??

As always conflicting views in both your answers, typical of all gardeners

I'm in ne real hurry, so will ponder a while longer, thanks both
brummie nick

Digindeep wrote:
As always conflicting views in both your answers, typical of all gardeners

How true! one of the most used phrases on the allotment when doing anything was

"you don't want to do it like that"  

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