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Your Mutt?

Its been a few years since we've done this one, so maybe its time that we had a thread where members showed us pictures of their best friend.

This is Pip she's a rescue dog of no known breed lying on a pub bench after a hard days work.
chicken feed

here is one of ours ..the other one sees a camera and is gone !!

My two out on the hills

Grandma Bodger

I love all of your dogs  and I miss not having one but I have to put up with a cat not the same I admit but better than nothing  

Is it time to get up already? asks Dexter...
Yorkshire Geordie

Here's a "few" of Biscuit the Patterdale.






heres my two ,
sika a lab gwp cross ,he is my deer stalking  buddy,he knows what im thinking and just does it ,he's 5 now

and this is barra he is just over 12 months old "he knows what im thinking but doesnt give a sh$%e !"

he has quite a way to go  

dont often have the full squad on display

Left to right. Big lad Derek 11 1/2 retired to the sofa, his brother Clive bad hips so never been other than retired. Abel young cocker, Fusey ESS bitch [yep i know shes shorter than the cocker] and finally Beren.

 Fergus the border , and Oscar the schnauzer,  not sure which one had the brain that day , They usually just share the one between two ,
Taken a last  year  but I don't know why the date is as it ?

Getting young kits used to having a dog around them.Danny now age 8 been a good little marking dog for me while ferreting.


I have a load of my dog pics here but cant rember how to post them lol

love the GWP and the cross to, theres a great demand for that cross

your not on your own bri ! i posted them ok but tried the same approach yesterday with some garden pics and they were HUGE  " and i had reduced them !" the dog pics i just used the photobucket "image code " and pasted and it worked fine but hey!
   thanks the x is a popular cross and after owning one i can see why, they do everything! they have the prey drive of the gwp and the trainability and steadiness of the lab though mine is hard mouthed when in company but that could be because i trained him for deer first as i wanted a dog for stalking ,i do take him wildfowling as well and providing he is just with me and no other dogs his mouth is ok .the gwp is just a pup at 13 months but they certainly "aint no labs when it comes to training them lol"

I had a GWP bitch, first trained her for working with the hawk, then rough shooting and beating. 1 of the best dogs I've owned , great guard dog as well and well she wouldn't let no one near my kids

what age was she when she calmed down ? barra has JUST started to slowly calm down"well compared to what he was like he has,"both of mine are protective of myself and wife ,thats one of the pointer traits though i think!,what hawks did you fly ? just to know someone who flew Harris hawks ,beautiful to watch birds of prey working ,its something i would like to see again if i ever get the chance ,nature at its most natural !

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