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Your first dog.

What was your first dog?

We only ever had one dog while I was growing up and that was a demented Golden Cocker Spaniel called Rusty. When our next door neighbour was on leave from the Navy he used to come and 'borrow' him to take him for a walk rather than walking his parents Toy Poodle

When Bodger and I got married we bought a Scottish Deerhound pup as a wedding present to ourselves and that was the start of our multiple dog owning lifestyle.

We now have a lurcher, a Border Terrier and a black Labrador - only 3, the fewest we have had at one time for the last 30 years.

My first dog was a lurcher, I used while ferreting as a Young lad.

When I got my shotgun cert, my first gundog was a flatcoat named Emma.

In my teens I rescued a lurcher that the police had taken in, as it's owner had been run down and died of his injuries.

Moved to Denmark and have had many dogs a few x's, a german shepherd, border terrier, and a Whole bunch of gundogs labradors and wirehaired pointers.

I have at the moment a lab and a GWP, with another on its way shortly.

First dog  was a minature dacshund, bought with me & my sisters pocket money, Dad then added a dalmation to the family. Have had JRTs & springers since.

The first one i remember was long coated collie named Simon we kids could do anything with him ,one bonfire night he got out and came back blind so we had to have him put sleep We have had a number of pet dogs during 40years of marriage

My first dog when I was a child was a Saluki called Mitzi. My father turned up with her after buying her from someone in a pub! She was beautiful,aloof and really,really naughty. She used to pinch everything that wasn't nailed down and steal all our food. If you blinked she would have the dinner off your plate! Stole the sunday roast once and legged it up the garden with it in her mouth, hot out of the oven and had devoured it bones and all by the time mum caught up with her! Quite a character and Ive had a soft spot for sighthounds ever since. Love Lizzie
brummie nick

The first dog I remember was a mongrel bitch ‘Nell’ then another mongrel ‘Bob’ then I fell in love with Whippets, and have had 7 over the years.
We haven’t had any dogs over the last few years.

Grew up with a springer spaniel (Spike) Jean had a mixed breed as a child in the UK. Together we first got a working dog (dairy farm) and few more sinse. Now have Rotty girl (Angel) Rotty/shepherd (Ted E Bear)her son, NZ heading dog (Meg) Had another Rotty/Shepherd Ted's sister but she died.

The first dog that my brother and I had as kids was Peggy the Jack Russell. My first dog was a whippet called Sue, her racing name was Ridgway Sue, Ridgway being the village that I was brought up in.

Chum....but he was not my dog....
However as kids he went everywhere with us, tiny short haired mongeral.
He was our dog..
Never ever a collar or a lead, he would follow us everywhere, yes vanished at times, sometimes for hours, even a couple of days..

We'd go ratting down the brook, Chum at our side, pointed sticks , sharpend to a point, see a rat throw the rat...
Chum would be there, digging out the banks of the brook.

He was a champion, boy could he dig...
Times we dug him out...
Did we ever spear a rat...that's between Chum and Us...

He was never my dog...he was his own dog and when he chose to lived with the family around the corner from where I lived.
Chum was every boys dog,,,

I was 8 - 11 years old when he finally left us....
Chum was all "Our" dog.  

Chum was very special...and still running my mind..


Loved you Chum...a big part of my life....and now well over 50 years on..
You are still remembered.......

A poodle called Shan.... My mum thought it would be nice to have a poodle... It was rubbish never killed anything and was always asleep on the sofa... totally rubbish from what I can remember... AND It hated my ferrets stupid dog

My first of my own was a poodle x whippet , looked like long legged poodle , great fun for a 12 year old , we could walk anywhere , ! what harm could a poodle do ?  only me and my mate +cindy ever knew !

My first dog was an English setter named Charlie.  We didn't have a dog in our family when we were growing up, so I was 24 when I got him.  He was a great dog.  Very smart and he went everywhere with me.
Dave C

We had a Collie when I was growing up, my mates used to come over and she would roll over for a belly rub

They would reach down to stroke her and she would bite them  

She was a strange mixed up sort of a dog, ha

The first dog I ever knew was Mitch.  He was a year older than me and a Alsation  x collie and my best friend - we lost him when he was 15.  We went through some hard times together.  When he was about 12 my mum got Nira, a fawn Great dane, for my dad - she was a year old.  Ever since all I ever wanted was my own dane - I now have Solly and he is my fifth dane but I will never ever forget Mitch.

My first dog was a border collie, which came to us at 6 weeks old. Totally mad and great fun to be with when we were kids, but got stroppy when he was old! My aunt had a Jack Russell which I was very fond of, despite him being a biter, and our neighbours had a GSD, which I think was responsible for my love affair with them.

Since we've been together, my husband & I have had 1 rough collie, 3 GSDs, 1 JRTxgod knows what, 1 Pitbullxgod knows what, 1 GSD cross, and another GSD mix (supposedly, although he's a titch with a few GSD characteristics & a lot of terrier). We've also had about 25 fosters of various kinds through our hands over the past few years. If I spot a GSD pup needing a home it will end up here, I'm sure, but for now 4 is enough!

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