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Your favourite toy as a nipper?

My favourite toy as a nipper was a shop bought farm set. Its such a long time ago, that I can only just remember it. I'm pretty sure that I had it one Christmas and I know it had a terrific farmhouse with a thatched roof to it and that the painted fields had a plywood base with cubicles for the animals to go in. The farm animals were plastic
My farm set hung around for years and was used for many years. When I progressed to soldiers, it also made a great battlefield too.
I look at my present day interest in farming and my farm set obviously help to set the dye.
Which were your favourite early toys?

I had a farm too, which I played with for hours. Also had model gardens from Britains I think. They had brown plastic bases with holes in which you inserted flowers,shrubs etc in.

I wouldn't buy any of course but the Britains toy farm machinery that you see for sale on E-bay does look rather good.
Yorkshire Geordie

About my sixth birthday my Mum & Dad bought me a tricycle.
It wasn't "brand new" but it was MINE.    
I treasured that more than anything before or since.
Here's a picture, taken in June 1959,  that still reminds me of it:-

That's me in the driving seat and my older brother on the back with Dad up high.
The following month Ralph and I got a younger brother, Andrew, so nice, big presents were fewer, but I could still roam everywhere on "my bike".

As a young kid, our family lived in a prefab and I remember one Christmas my Grandma walked up the unmade road with a Triang-Flyer factory made sledge under her arm. My mum said that it was an ironing board. My brother and I got some real fun out of it, we had proper winters in those days. No computers then and anyone who was anyone went sledging and snowball fighting.  
Yorkshire Geordie

Ah yes, I remeber sledges from being "nowt burra lad"  
This picture is of my Dad and his younger brothers, uncle Ron and uncle Tony, on a sledge in the snow after the end of WWII.

I reckon it would be about 1945ish before the deep 1947 snow.

My favourite was a Mobo horse. It was a metal ride-on horse. It moved when you pressed your feet down on the stirrups

And, of course, my roller skates. Every kid in the district was either on skates or a home made cart made using pram wheels and rope for steering. The fact that we lived on a steep hill added to the fun!

Your story Seabird, reminds me so much,,,,,,Of the time I  built my first trolly.

There is another name for them...

Two back wheels off a pram, two front wheels off a child's push chair.
One builders plank, a length of rope.....hole bodge through...

Lampost on Ragnal hill.....eer! lack of teeth later

Who in their right mind put  a lamppost their...

I lost all my front teeth....


Such is......50 plus years on...


Digindeep wrote:

Who in their right mind put  a lamppost their...

I lost all my front teeth....


Such is......50 plus years on...

I'm guessing that wouldn't have been you.... (In your right mind... )  very, very creative though!

I can remember my dad trying to teach me how to ride a two wheel bike with not much joy then one day i got it out of the shed and rode it round the garden on my own

I had a plastic Dougall fm the Magic Roundabout that i used to pull on wheels! I loved that toy and it was the one thing my brothers didnt trash, that and a space hopper! Great fun

And i still have my teddy that i was given when i was 5, very thread bare now but still has pride of place on my bedside table


I still have a pink plastic teething ring that i obviously don't remember using but a few more trips to the dentist like the last one and I might have a use for it again. I must ask Grandma Bodger why the hell I had a pink one.

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