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Your favourite top ten pot plants are ?

List your favourite top ten pot plants in order of preference.

Have you tried growing any of them from seed? How easy or difficult was it and was it worth the effort?
Is it worth doing? Or are you best biting the bullet and paying garden centre prices?

Ganga doesn't count.

Not sure i can get to 10 but....

1) phalanopsis orchid - i have loads of these and they flower for months and months. Easy peasy to care for as they thrive on neglect.
2) streptocarpus. Lovely showy and dead easy to take cuttings or divide. I'm going to have a go at growing from seed too.
3) Clivia minata. Nice strappy leaves and a good flower spike once a year that lasts well.
4) Cymbidium orchid. A bit messy with its untidy leaves but really easy to get back into flower. Bung them outside for the summer and they will have buds come October
5) Amarylis. Just love these! Fun to see them grow ( they look a bit phallic when the bud starts shooting
6) Jasmine. I have a huge one in the conservatory which flowers without fail at xmas. Gorgeous perfume
7)Scented leaf geranium - just nice aromatic foliage
8) Cacti-just because they are indestructible and mine all flower well

Cant think of any more I grow successfully!! Love Lizzie

christmas cactus
hot water plants
spider plants
streptocarpus in 6 other colours

We always and I mean always have pots of cyclamen around the house. Its definately one of Karens favourites. I wonder how tricky they are to grow.

Personally I love Alliums....grown them for a number of years now...mainly in tubs...Tall and you walk though the front door..tub either side....the aroma...WOW...

We have windowsills full of different cacti, fushia,cyclamen, also christmas and easter cacti on the tops of cupboards

Aspidistra, about the only plant I've not managed to kill!
And various cacti, the only plants other than the aspidistra the cat hasn't eaten!
Grandma Bodger

I have several cacti in flower, 3 cyclamen and one deep blue hyacinth presents from grandsons, love the scent of the hyacinth bought 3 bags of them in the sale at Wilkinsons 10p a bag these are now in pots iin the back conservatory waiting for better weather    

I love cyclamens, hyacinth bulbs and scented leaf geraniums but I am dreadful houseplant murderer so I haven't got any!  

I like aspidistras and cyclamen.

I hate spider plants.

Kieran has a cactus garden - he really likes them.

I even killed an aspidistra!

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