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Young mable one year on with her first!!

Well,i had a lovely surprise this morning,thought i would give one of last years kit's a run out for proper and she done me proud!! I always thought with her nice bright eyes that she could be handy and she moves like lightning to boot,i was struggling to keep up with her!! Think i was out with her for about 2 hours on some land i ferret,done 4 small'sh buries and got these but also lost 3 but that was down to the idiot netting who missed a bolt hole!!!!


Nice pic- I have not been ferreting for years. It's exciting when you hear the thump thump just before they bolt. I've missed a few bolt holes too - sometimes very difficult to spot with some long grass hanging over them.
Brings back some great memories.

When I lived in the UK, ferreting used to be our Sunday pastime, that pic also bring back some good memories for me also.

Well done Mable.

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