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You couldnt miss it could you!!

This made me laugh the other day,with all those tree shredding machines seeming to get smaller it was a wonderful sight when this little baby turned up at one of the relatives!!


Pah thats just a baby.

My mate just down the road rents this one in

Its a complete articulated lorry & trailer with its own hiab for feeding it. It will do about a 800 tonnes per day. Takes up to a 27" diameter log.

They also have one that is towed by a tractor.

Better pics here


why would you shred a 27in log anyway surely it could be cut up for logs

I guess when you are feeding a power station little twigs just dont cut it.

Vicary have some videos on Utube showing them using the chipper & they are chipping the logs as fast as the lorries can unload them.

I dont think they would do a lorry full of 27" logs but being able to do the odd one in a lorry full of smaller sticks make sense.

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