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You can never have too many coops . . .

You can definitely have too few though . . .
Between having to keep the chooks in covered runs, each needing it's own coop, and small batches of chicks (mainly fox's fault as well) I need more coops! I have six, all occupied, and a bunch of chicks in a box needing to be fostered but nowhere to keep them with a hen.  
They'd've been ok except after having had 8 pale chicks for a few days, mother hen freaked out when I gave her a black and a speckledy one.   So I kept back all that hatched at that time and now have 6 silkies, a sussex and a cross on the housing waiting list  

edit forgot to put 'and a cross'

Its very addictive but I'm currently in remission.

Well I had been down to 35, but it couldn't last could it?  

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