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You can never have enough garlic.

I've got nineteen garlic cloves planted waiting for the soil to warm up but I don't think that they're going to be enough. Why? because we're working our way steadily through 'The Hairy Bikers Diet Book'. Every recipe in this highly recommended book, with the exception of their sweet section, calls for copious amounts of garlic. We're getting through loads of the stuff.
We made their Mediterranean vegetables last night and whilst it was delicious, my breath this morning would strip paint. It wouldn't be too bad if we'd both had some, but Karen wont eat garlic on work days.
We popped in at the garden centre yesterday for a coffee and we noticed that they'd got some garlic in stock. I didn't notice what variety it was but if we're going to continue to explore the wonders of HBDB, then I'll have to buy some. Incidentally, yesterday I saw that the onion setts that I planted had started to move.

I usually stake my onions so they stay where i planted them  

I knew it ! I knew it ! I knew someone would say something when I wrote it.

Incidentally, I've just found another bag of onion setts in the back of my van. I can't even remember when or where I got them from. They're called Verve. Yet more onions to plant.

Goodlife beat me to it, I was going to ask if they are "Walking Onions"...but I won't waste my time now......

Two garlic bulbs to look out for...
Early Purple Wight, can be planted until the end of January, harvested as early as June,
Solent wight, will grow on well into the following February - March next year.

These two will cover for a full year, depending on how many you set and or eat....  

Too many and you could set a new trend " Garlic Cider"...  

well we are all here to support you i love garlic mine are all growing in bottomless pots because my plot is flooded at the moment

Thre garlic bulbs at the garden centre are 2.95p. Yesterday, Karen bought two big bulbs from Tesco for a pound. As I say, we could do with growing a bit more garlic, so what do you think about me planting one of the Tesco bulbs? Has anyone else tried planting garlic that was destined for the kitchen and what do you think of my chances of success?

For the life of me,I cannot understand why G/Centre bulbs are so expensive, when compared with supermarket prices.As with many of the seed catalogues, upto 5.00 each and then you pay p&p on top....
I have know many a plotter who refuses to pay the GC prices and have grown bulbs from shops, with a good success rate.
Only thing is you don't know the variety generally speaking. Also how and where they were grown . So,obviously mass produced to keep the prices so low, are they varieties that should/are grown in large G/Houses...

It seems that most of the world's garlic is grown in China.
I have seen it suggested that Chinese garlic imported into Australia will not grow because it has been radiated and treated with growth inhibitors but don't know whether this claim is true or valid for UK.
Locally grown garlic from the greengrocer works OK for me.

The arguments on this subject is usually the garlic in the shops is imported from a warmer country than ours and they are not as tollerant of the cold but if you can buy locally grown then you should not have a problem  

I have never bought garlic from a garden centre , i always have just planted what i could pilfer from the wifes veg basket   last year i tried a wee experiment my mate up at the allotments bought some garlic from the garden centre , we exchanged a couple of bulbs , mine having come from the co-op for 20p on xmas eve , neither of us could see the difference .

I planted some garlic earlier this year. The leaves are now a pale golden colour and are lying at approx 45 degrees, is it harvest time?

The stripy Pink coloured Garlic Bulbs sold in Lidl and Aldi are field grown in the Baltic states, and so UK weather conditions and ambient temperatures should not present any problems. We have planted many individual cloves and harvested many complete bulbs from them.
Bulworthy Project

Our garlic is grown from whatever garlic we're eating and seems fine.

The difference in price with garden centre garlic is probably partly to do with how little they sell compared to greengrocers and supermarkets.  Lower turnover = higher margin.  Buy it cheap and grow it on.  

We are about to plant ours with bulbs from a local grower that got some to eat in summer it tasted good so should work well

Son likes garlic i can,t stand the stuff

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