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Fey Dunnabitt

Yet another rainforest is being clear-felled for our greed.

Yet another rainforest is biting the dust, fast, faster, terribly fast, and all for palm oil - for fuel, but also for soap and other products. Please take the time to watch this 60-second video, sign the petition and, even better, send the emails. There could hardly be a more worthwhile occupation for ten minutes of our evening.

have sign and passed on to friends  keep the earth green
Fey Dunnabitt

Oh thank you, Jill. I don't really understand why so few people ever bother, but at least that's one more plus your friends. Thank you.

Signed.....these big companies have got to do more than just pay lip service to green issues.
Fey Dunnabitt

kaz wrote:
Signed.....these big companies have got to do more than just pay lip service to green issues.

RIGHT, Kaz! Dove soap, indeed - dove of peace, eh!

I'm definitely trying to use more ethical cleaning products - both for me and for the house.

I think we need the customer to be more aware of the results of their purchases.

Every news item like this goes into the melting pot of what I actually buy.

:sad10: why ,most people are blind to this or do not what to know who i talk too :q52:
Fey Dunnabitt

I know. They couldn't care less. But people are so stupid and ignorant nowadays, worse and worse. They/we can do all these clever things like making computers and spaceships, but we can't actually THINK. That includes everybody, to some extent, but most people are worser than worst. Don't think, don't care, don't feel, nothing. And our parliaments represent us very well - they're as stupid and uncaring as the population who vote for them.
Have a look at  Approx. 80% of the rainforests are just chipped or pulped to make chipboard or paper and cardboard.
The trouble is, we talk and some of us are careful, but lets face it, we don't do much. I used to, but I got drowned in my own family troubles and illness and now I'm trying to start again and do a lot, but am too unwell and badly-placed to do much. I could write a lot more letters, though, and perhaps - I'm mulling over an idea or two. But it's so little, against the hordes of greedy manufacturers, commerces and users. I think we're well into the apocalypse and we'll take everything with us - tress, animals, fish, birds, violins, everything.
Fey Dunnabitt

Some better news at last!

Proving it is well worth making that small effort - that TINY effort, really - to send a few emails, sign a few petitions, etc. Unilever are actually takling notice, thanks to the Greenpeace campaign.
I think people often don't bother because they think it'll make no difference - so that's a self-fulfilling prophecy - but things like this prove that it's well worth trying. It certainly encourages me to try harder. I've jsut spent half an hour - which isn't much - sending some emails to Ministers and company directors and I'm going to make more efforts in that direction - I'm giving myself a compulsory minimum of hours spent and letters writen per week. Nothing could be more worthwhile.

So, if you did sign the petition or, even better, send an email or two, you can feel pleased that it wasn't wasted. (I've just sent a follow-up one to Unliever, telling them that's only a  start and signed by seven of us here.) It's a lot easier now it can be done by email, but I'm sending a postcard to the EU commissioners, too. Postcards are good - no room to write a lot, but they attract attention. Greenpeace have proved it.

Right, Fey, get on with it.

If you have a few quid to spare, you can buy an acre or two of rain forest, thus keeping it out of the hands of the loggers.

Two acres were bought for me as a birthday present some 10 or 11 years ago
Fey Dunnabitt

I think I did that once, Gareth. I think I'll buy some more this week. Half an acre for 25 seems a very good deal, compared with half an acre of grazing here, which would cost 750 and then I'd have to pay tax on it.

I've had an idea.... (Oh nooo, not another! :smt103)

But once you buy the acre can you get planning permission?   :smt077
Fey Dunnabitt

Well, maybe for a nest in a tree? Not that you'd get planning permission on a 750 plot anyway.

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