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Yet another kick in the 'Najjers'

Yet another kick in the 'najjers' for small scale alcohol producers. I'm thinking that the government doesn't want me to make cider.

Will that affect you?

It says it only applies at or after the point duty becomes payable.
Currently your produce has no duty payable.

I know that you might come into the duty payable category soon but cross that bridge when you have to.

Al Capone springs to mind, we'll have illegal pocheen stills dotting the country next  

When I say 'another ' kick in the najjers, the other piece of legislation they're  bringing in, is the end of the excise exemption for cider makers who make less than 7000 litres per annum, so the two together, will see me concentrating my efforts almost solely on making apple  juice instead of cider.

We stopped making Cider years ago in favour of juice. Partly because all I was doing was turning beautiful juice into awful Cider!

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