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mrs tiggywinkle

Yet another baby blanket.

I finished this just in time as the baby arrived 2 weeks early.  We knew it was a girl, hence the colours.
 It should have had a knitted edging BUT after upteen tries I couldnt get it to crocheted one  (only I know!!!!)

 each square was made up of 4 small squares.

Next project is finishing a double bed size all the squares ready just need sewing together ready for the winter.

That's beautiful Mrs T. An heirloom of the future  

Can I be cheeky and ask you for the pattern I had it when my children were babies but now I have g./ grand children I can;t find it anywhere
Thanks in anticipation
chicken feed

congratulations on the new arrival.

the blanket looks lovely  

What a lovely blanket!  
Grandma Bodger

i love the blanket, tell Kaz Im not going to try and do one  

Beautiful......... really beautiful!  

I fancy having a go of that as well............can you bring the pattern to the knitting group in the pub tomorrow?

Lovely - Well done  


Ohhhhhh! That is Wonderful!! Very nicely done!! Love it!

Pattern arrived thanks can't wait to get started
great grand daughter arrived Tuesday 3 weeks early but 7lbs so perhaps as well

Congratulations on the arrival of your great grand daughter - you had better get knitting

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