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Yesterday Karen and I saw this.

So we decided to take this.

And walk up this.

To the top of this.

The task ahead of us looked quite daunting but it wasn't and we had a super walk. The skylarks were singing and we saw some super scenery too.

We're already planning next weekends walk. Getting and keeping fit has never been such fun. The only thing that spoiled the walk for me, is that I still haven't seen a swallow.
Yorkshire Geordie

Beautiful scenery and thanks for sharing.
How did the "decided to take this" enjoy the sniffing and peeing?  

We just managed to stop her from getting up close and personal with a long dead sheep. Thank God !

nice pics- curiosity on pic seven what are the rows in the field in the distance

It's a fir tree plantation that's been clear felled.

Thanks that looks a great place.

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