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Yesterday was swarm day!

I got called out 3 times yesterday by people who had a swarm on their property. Two were easy, both up trees and easily reached, just a good shake of the branch and the Bees were in the skep, left in the shade and picked up about 9pm when all the flying bees were home.
The 3rd swarm was in a small outhouse that was absolutly full of kiddies toys. The swarm was fragmented and took some getting, but they all went into the skep, and were ready to pick up at dusk. Thats the first time I've had 3 swarms in the back of my van at the same time. All arrived home ok and were hived in time for the 10pm news. What a day----

Wow, fantastic work  

Fantastic !! Just getting into bees...can't say how much I love it. Yesterday the virgin queen left her mini mating nuc to go on her mating flight...brilliant.

I've moved my young goslings out onto the grass today and unbeknown to me, I walked passed a swarm of bees three times, they were on the gate post. On the third occasion I actually saw them. They looked like a piece of thick golden carpet.
I got in touch with Dave the beekeeper but by the time he arrived, they'd taken off. At the moment, there are three people out searching, trying to find their new resting place.

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