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Yellowstone National Park

My Mom and I just got back from ten days out west in Montana and Wyoming.  We spent a few days in Yellowstone park.  There is more snow out there than we have seen in the past, which means that the wildlife viewing was not quite as good as we have seen it on other trips.  But I did get a few good pics.

Bison on the road.

This coyote was hanging out around some people parked alongside the road.  Probably he'd been fed in the past.  (A big No-No!)

And this one was a special thrill for me.  The first otter I have ever seen in the wild. :-)

They don't want anyone too close to the wildlife. :-)

Here's the fellow they warned us about:


We also were in town for a couple of days.  Can you imagine this setting for a Wally World?

And how about this for a swimming hole?

Yes, it's a hot springs swimming pool.  I was in it last Wednesday morning when it was 0*F.  Really comfy, too.  :-)

Out of this world Yvonne. Its a good job that Flatiron didn't see that coyote.

Thanks, bodger, glad you liked them. That area, to my way of thinking, is just this side of paradise.  I love it out there.

The coyote had a really nice coat....

Hah! I was just thinking about you and your holiday while feeding the horses....I come in and here you are. I am SO glad you had a great time, and the pics are fabulous...I envy you the otter, they are one of my favourite animals, I do occasionally get to see them here.

I would shoot the folk who feed the coyotes!!  I would have loved the hot springs too, when I was in the Rockies last I was in one.....but it was summer and about just a tad different to your temps!

Thanks again, for the pics....

Glad you had a good time great pics

Looks wonderful.  Were you there when the real cold blast came down?  My son is in Colorado and he said it got to like -40F.  (I think this was last week but my mind is......)

Thanks, conundrum.  I'd like to shoot the folks who feed coyotes, too.  

Thanks horace, glad you liked the pics.

Bean, we left when that big storm came thru.  We got only rain here and skipped over all the bad snow and ice to land in Minneapolis.  It was fine there, but bitter cold.  Then we went on to Bozeman, MT.  When I walked across the parking lot to get the rental car it was ten below.  But it warmed up and snowed for us.

Great pictures, its nice to see animals that we don't get here in the UK  

Great photos Yvonne, thanks for posting them. Glad you had a great time.

I was in MT several years ago and saw a stream I just had to try and fish.  I walked through the woods a good ways and came upon a huge furry thing laying on the ground.  I stopped and it winded me and it stood up.  It was a moose along with her calf.  I thought to myself I was glad it was just a moose cause I thought I was about to be eaten by a grizzly bear.  I later was told I was lucky cause many have been killed by a momma moose.  Outside of a zoo, that was the biggest animal I've ever seen so I'm sure it wouldn't have had any problem making a greese spot out of me.

Great piccies   glad you had a good time.

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