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Xmas pressie

On saturday i took Slipster to the brewing shop and bought his xmas pressie.........thinking it would be nice to start him off home brewing's been quite some time now and was something he used to enjoy and has thought about for a while.......starting off in kit form.......i have this vain hope that in the longer term it may save money

On sunday  he presented me with a further request list

You've lit the blue touchpaper - now stand well back!

 I know 12bore  

Will 'the brew' be ready by Christmas?  

not quite Kaz   .....tho i'm not sure that's such a bad thing..
maine moose

If he want's a good kit to start with try the Woodfords range if its a bitter the "Admerails revenge" is the tops :drunk:If he's a  Larger fan try the Coopers range all good, take your time and enjoy the results  

Er got a bit excited and well..... 40 pts of Geordie bitter 40 pts Geordie Larger 40 pts of Coopers Dark ale 40 white wine and 40 rose wine  
All bubbling away nicely.

Ive Just syphoned off the bitter added more sugar and into the maturing keg, this will stay at room temp for around four days then into the porch to clear in around another three weeks, if it lasts that long.
I used to really enjoy my home brewing but sort of got out of it, I hope to experiment a bit more next year and try some of the more unusual drinks.

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