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Rick & Carol


I had a 10 minute lesson in willow bending today & this is the result drying above the wood-burner ready for holly & the like to make a wreath up. A simple thing but I'm pleased with it.  

I made up a half doz but this was the one I was best pleased with.


Nicely done and it's one of those incredibly useful skillsets.
Isn't it scary how fast this year has flown in, and Christmas is on our near horizon now.

Willow is so easy to grow, and it's native, and it's non toxic, and it belongs in our soggy land
I grow mine along the high fence next to the nature walk, and cut it down in very early spring.
Tension trays are probably the simplest things to make, but again, they're useful, they look 'right' somehow.
Even the offcuts aren't wasted; they get wrapped up in tinfoil and roasted in a fire and they make pretty decent drawing charcoal.


looking great a 'real wreath well done

I used my knot tying knowledge to make this wreath.  I used 1/2" manila rope.


It's a real thrill to know that they are handmade

Well done.

That's smart Tony


Lovely wreaths. It's nice to have handmade items for Christmas.

Here's my effort. I spent the rainy weekend clearing out my 'haberdashery' stash and making rag wreaths. Got sore fingers now!

Yorkshire Geordie

All these wreaths, it's making me sentimental.  

This is what I know as  Reeth .....

It happens to be in good old Yorkshire  

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