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Rick & Carol

Worms, on your marks, set, go

The past two (dry) weeks I've got myself ready for spring. The veg garden has been rotavated, mucked, re-rotavated and marked out ready for spuds & onions

The fruit garden has had last years compost spread out around the bushes, on the strawberry plants & muck spread on the rhubarb patch

and the asparagus beds & odd herb pots mucked

Just need those worms to get wiggling to mix it up a bit & dare I say a little rain to wash the nutrients down

Looking good and i think we have had enough rain thank you



Looking very good  

Can't get over how early a start you get.  What are the white containers made of?
Yorkshire Geordie

adirondack-jim wrote:
Can't get over how early a start you get. What are the white containers made of?

Go to ebay and type in "belfast sink"

Or HIT this


I might be wrong Jim, but I think they are polystyrene boxes, the type used when transporting frozen foods, meat, fisk etc.

I had a mate that worked in a fish factory, so he could get as many as I needed. Great little beds, used with a lid, gave you a little extra growing time, and I could throw them away if not needed next year.
Rick & Carol

nope they are Belfast sinks. A bugger to lift but they go really cheap on e bay because of that, when I was working at Reading a couple of years back I bought 7 at 5 a pop. Mind you I had to seriously think about my breaking distances on the way back to Wales.

Definitely an interesting use for them.

That's an impressive amount of work

You're well ready for Spring there

We're still up to our ankles in mud  


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