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stir crazy

worming the yard cat

i think my big bruiser, top mouser needs worming (very pot bellied) the problem is you cant catch him and if you do he is soooo vicious. last time made a real mess of hubbies arm. i have tried wormer in his food but no go as he prefers biscuits to meat. any tips.
green man

Can you catch him or trap him in an out house with no food in it just the stuff with the wormer , it may take a day for him to get hungry. If the outhouse has a window so much the better stick a table in front of the window-that's where you leave the food and water you can keep an eye on the food progress -cause you really don't want to open the door until he takes the bate goodluck :-)

Find the best grub you can find to tempt him and depending on how greedy he is, either put it in tablet form in some cheese or use liquid or granule panacur in his food, something strong tasting like sardines are usually irresistable.

You can now get pour on wormer which is less traumatic for you (and the cat)


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