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Worming nightmare

Hi, has anyone else experienced this??? I wormed the mare on Sunday evening (Equimax) and by Mon morning she had the most awful squits. These persisted all day and when i bought her in at 3pm it was like liquid. Her tail and back end were plastered. I put her to bed where she nibbled her hay and ate a decent tea. I checked at 9pm and she still hadnt pooed in the stable, her bed wasnt messed up and she was showing no signs of colic so I left her for the night. Next morning  - right as rain, with solid poos.  Was it the wormer do you think??? I worm regularly so she cant have had a build up of worms.  Nothing else had changed in her diet or management. Any ideas?? Love Lizzie

Yep, it probably was the wormer. Personally, I would not worm too often, as the worms can get immune to the wormer. Why don't you just do a fecal every few months, then at least you know if you are just worming for no good reason, or if they actually need it....saves money in the long run, and saves giving them poisons when they don't need it  

I'm with conundrum on this.  Don't worm if you don't have to.

I'm of the same opinion. If you regularly clean your paddock, and there are no new horses on there, you can cut down on worming. Trouble is, when you've got a horse at livery you don't know what worm burden the others have got.
I give a wormer for bots once a year, and play it by ear the rest of the time.

That was the problem, she is at livery and yes last year we did a faecal count and I just wormed for bots last November. But moving to a new yard I have to put her on fields grazed by others and therefore I had to worm. Good news is she is back to her old self! I shall just be very aware next time and give probiotics as a precaution. Love Lizzie

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