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World Equestrian Games photos

I'm going to put a few pics up now and will add more of the carriages next week.

This was arena was enlarged to accommodate spectators for this event.   This is the stadium jumping venue.

One of the animals that are around or part of the jumps for the x-country phase of the 3-day.  There are also big squirrels and at least one more big bird.

Secretariat. This bronze is a permanent fixture at the Horse Park.  It's close to life-size.

There were quite a few of these decorated fiberglass horses on display.  This one was my favorite. :-)
Rare one

love the Bronze, all pics are great.


I love the bronze, too.  Having seen the horse in the flesh, (and had my hands on him...),  I'm glad he is represented at the Horse Park.


Thanks for the pics   look forward to seeing more

I think the bronze is my favourite too!!! Incredible!  

I would think such an event would be incredibly exciting! We don't have any equestrian events in our area, really. Still mostly Cowboy stuff, roping, rodeos..things like that... So it is pretty cool to see this side of the horse events that are out there!

Those jumps on the XC course are enough to frighten the life out of most horses
Thanks for the photos

Lovely photos - can't wait for the rest   Thanks  

This is one of the Swiss teams.  Beautifully matched horses.

The warm up area behind the stands.  My friend Annie and her hubby Jon on the left watching through the fence.

The awards ceremony.  There were ten teams and forty horses total lined up for ribbons.

I'll put a few more up when I finish working on them.

One of the obstacles on the carriage marathon course.

Can't quite figure out exactly what pets they were expecting people to bring.  Spider monkeys?  Macaws?

This is a shot of the obstacle course.  Lots of sharp turns in it.  The teams had an hour to look at the course before the competition started.  At the far end are covered wagons, including the Conestoga wagon on the left.  In the distance is the jumping arena.  Gorgeous day yesterday.  We've had good weather for the entire time of the Games.

thank you for those   never  get a lot on driving ,
fantastic pics

super pics

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