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working dog training

Im looking to run a working dog training event - any ideas? trainers?

Sounds great idea wish I was closer

What type of working dog....gundog, sheep dog, agility training?

You write "a" working dog training event, one day, one course several days.

If it a money making event, having an entery fee, then you will need good trainers, and they don't come cheap, people will not pay good money for a crapp trainers.

What type of ground do you have to hold an event on. Have you enough car parking space, what about toilets.

If gundog training will you use live, cold game or dummy training.

If sheepdog training have you the sheep that can stand 10-15 dogs rounding them  up and penning them all day.

Sheepdog trainers are few and far between, and the couple that I used know breed and train sheepdogs on their farms and then sell the dogs on fully trained, they won't go "out" to train other peoples dogs and don't take dogs in.

If its an agility event a fun day for the family thats something else.

First you will need a good agility course, judges, helpers, prizes and rosettes.

Not wanting to piss on your fireworks, but these are just some of the things that came off the top of my head, these type of events take an alful lot of work and generally need more than one person to run the show.

I'm trying to get a clay pigeon shoot on it feet, but all sorts of large and small hurdles keep cropping up, and there no way I can do this without the help of my 3 buddies. We will need even more helpers on the day.

Can you come with a few more details on what event you want to run.

I was thinking of working gundog...the idea is to get a trainer in (I would never dream of teaching something I know bugger all about).  getting a venue is not an issue  - there are loads of suitable farms with toilets, parking, shelter and facilities for tea, coffee & packed lunches.  we have been running events with the Rural Business school for many years now.

So, back to gundogs -
I thought someone could come in and do a basic show and tell session - what different types of use they have - like you have described - dummy retreival, real bird retreival etc, something on the breeds and character required, and then perhaps a more in depth bit of basic training and how this is acheived.

As a follow up we could run a short series of event, and if any owners wished to follow this up they could get some info from the trainer and take it further privately.l

PM on its way

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