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Work clothes...

Charity Shop Day!

3 pairs of smart trousers and a shirt - 12....

Will go again in the holidays to see if I can find some more tops ready for the new term....


I buy trousers and stuff at charity shops and keep the receipts and claim as workclothes.....
Duane Dibbley

The charity shops round here seem to be more expensive than some 'new' clothes shops    

I have just managed to get a brand new waxed jacket off of ebay for 8.00 including postage (i feel a bit sorry for the seller as it cost 8.22 to post )

There is a Marks & Sparks pair, a New Look pair and can't remember the other one....and the shirt is some obscure one...that only cost 1.99, it's immaculate!

I do have to admit, I'm picky with the charity shops, because you are right, so ARE quite expensive!  

Off again next week to see if I can get some more shirts and things...

Must be a good week for charity shop finds! On Tues I got a brand new pair of Cotton Traders jeans a pair of combat type trousers from Next and some French Connection chinos all brand new with tags PLUS a silk blouse for 12. They all fit perfectly.Other days its full of carp! Love Lizzie!

The charity shops here have gone down the drain this last year. It's no more expensive to buy new than it is to buy second hand in a lot of cases at the moment.

I think Primark beats most of our charity shops for clothing now!  

Was reading that Primark clothes are sometimes made by child labourers which puts me right off!

sheffy wrote:
Was reading that Primark clothes are sometimes made by child labourers which puts me right off!


Have you ever wondered how these 'value retailers' can sell a pair of jeans for a fiver when all the following have to be costed in:

design, fabric and sundries, cutting, manufacture, machinery, distribution, warehousing, store costs (rates, leccy etc) staff wages,  VAT, and finally - profit!  It's obvious that somebody somewhere along the line is being RIPPED OFF!

Polly has got it right about the standard of charity shops here too! Not that I would shop in Primark as I've never seen anything that I want to buy there. But I have looked.

Thing is - buy at Primark, wear it out in a week and buy again so nothing left for the charity shop. If you don't like Primark because of ethical scruples, then there's George at Asda or the Tesco range. Neither of which are exactly going to be decent items to buy from a charity shop.

But that's what people buy up here in that order - if they are feeling extravagant they go to H&M or top of the range M & Co.

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