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We had some new visitors to our bird feeders this week.
Steve is chuffed to bits.

Yorkshire Geordie

Smashin, I love woodpeckers.  
They're greater spotted I think.    

Good on you getting a photograph    they're blooming hard to get one without them skittering off like kingfishers on speed into the trees at any movement.
They feed on our birdfeeders too, but all I've managed to catch are black and white with a flash of red blurs.  

Love watching woodpeckers! Great photos!! Thanks for sharing!


We've got them visiting at the moment too.  For the last few days we've had the parents feeding their babies. We love seeing them.

Yep - greater spotted

The other birds dive bomb them. The flycatcher is fun to watch as he flies a beeline from the bean poles then swerves at the last second.

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