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Wood worm?

Do you recall the clog loft floor that we stripped and sanded a few months ago? Well its got a touch of wood worm and its my intention to paint the lot with some form of wood worm treatment. Although I used to run my own small pest control company, wood worm treatment wasn't something that I did. I left it to the experts and passed on any calls that I recieved. Could one of our pesties suggest a brand that I should consider using?


Just make sure you don't have any other wood boring pests like death watch and no bats or other non target species and you can do so safely and the building is ok for the treatment.( if you are in doubt or not sure contact DEFRA or if you think you may have bat activity contact the bat conservation society  -   before you do anything)

Ensure you have live woodworm activity not old disused exit holes

I use " Boran ultra 12 "it is re entry after a couple of hours it can be applied painted or sprayed and if you can get at the ends of the timber you can get a gel to place on the end grain as well.

it is water based so no risk of long term smells or fire hazard.

you will also need the correct PPE

it is applied as a two coat application to run off and wait an hour to allow the first coat to thoroughly dry and apply the second coat as the first.

I use it because it is one of the best on the market and a lot kinder to other animals and it does the job very well.

Much obliged Moley.

Or, Cuprinol Wood Preserver. Used a lot of it in my semi derelict Cottage. Niffs a bit but does go. It states it sorts woodworm and dry rot. For speedy application I used a small pressure spray, but might of been tempted to use a roller on a pole to do a floor.



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