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Wonderwool Wales

I'm joining up with some friends in London this afternoon and we're heading west to overnight in Hereford, then on to Wonderwool tomorrow.

I'll be taking a small table loom with me.  Apart from my peg loom (inspired at Wonderwool last year), I haven't a clue about weaving. I was lucky enough to be given a table loom last week (never look a gift loom in the mouth), and it is impenetrable! I'm hoping someone at Wonderwool will be able to point me in the right direction.  

Oooooo! The spinning novice in me would sure like to have joined you! Looks like you're in for an amazing day!! (Or....given the time difference, you've *had* an Amazing day anyway!)

Hoping you've learned loads....and that you might even have a few photos to share?

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