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Wolf Garten fruit picker on special offer. This weekend only

Wolf Garten fruit picker on special offer. This weekend only........... I have one of these and they really are the best tool for picking fruit from the higher branches. The handle is also part of the Wolf system, meaning you may also fit and use pruning secateurs or pruning saws (I have one of those as well).

And if you think it is expensive at this reduced price, then you have absolutely no idea what your time is really worth....... I can safely pick a 2 gallon bucket full of Apples with it from the ground in about 5 minutes.

I agree! I have one that is similar and I've been very glad to have it year after year!

Eta~especially while picking cherries and plums!

The telescopic handle is adjustable from 2.2 metres to 4 metres length in 20 cm increments. As mentioned above I can safely harvest fruit from 5.5 metres high with my feet firmly planted on the ground, and when using the pruning saw I can trim branches at a similar if not slightly higher height.

I purchased mine second-hand from ebay earlier this year and it has saved me considerable amounts of time and effort, and when out foraging I can reach and harvest the fruits missed by others.

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