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Wish us luck...

Experdition planned... wish us luck we have it on very good authority at the moment there is an abundance of Garfish around here    so tonight we'll be polishing our rod's and setting out this weekend on the hunt for our dinner here's hoping it's not Laver Bread on Toast again...      

Have been warned NOT to eat any Garfish Eggs (if we catch one that is!) as apparently they can make you very ill   .

Bait we're going to use will be mackerel any other suggestions to a good Garfish bait anyone?  

Garfish (Greenbone)

Garfish can be caught on the fly and give good sport.  You can also spin for them I use a small Dexter wedge but remove 2 of the three prongs from  the hook. Good Luck plenty of  Cajun,  recipes on the internet for cooking your catch.  

If there's garfish around, then its a good bet that the mackerel are in as well. Good luck

No luck involved at all. It's just pure skill.

Tight lines mate  

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