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Wish me luck, im going in.....

to empty and identify everything in our 3 freezers, then re pack them in a sort of order that means we can shop and eat better.
We are about to order a new kitchen and really need to get at least one of the freezers empty in preperation of moving it all out but it could be interesting to see exactly what is lurking in the bottom corners

Carry a St. Christopher, crucifix, holy water, Chickens Entrails, Snail Snot  and anything else from the mumbo jumbo dept. and good luck.
May you find a fair wind for a safe return.
Best to leave a route plan and ETA with the Emergency Services.
Farewell and good luck, you are a truely brave man.

good luck Pils......did ours last nov prior to buying a bigger one to replace 2 smaller ones   luckily not too many disasters and i do manage them better now

a trail of sweets would be a good idea   theres no saying how deep these freezer things actualy go   it'l help you with your return journey  

Good luck Pils  It's a job that I have been promising to do here but keep putting it off
Green Rosie

Good luck - I did my two a while a go and it really does help - I also keep a book of what's in there.  It's one place I am organised - as opposed to my food cupboard which is a disgrace
Big Phil

Maybe tie a rope to your belt, then if you get lost you can retrace your route.
Funnily enough I had a look in our freezer about an hour ago and thought better of it. I was intending doing some jerk this afternoon and I know I sliced some meat ready but I dare not pull anything out for fear of not getting it all to fit back in again.

If you can't find anything in your freezer you have too much.  

Brave brave man.  good luck to you but TBH I don't hold out much hope when you have done yours will you come and do my three?  free board lodging and beer to the man brave enough
Green Rosie

You back yet?

Braver than me by far!! God only knows whats lurking in mine. Still at least it wont be a new life form like the thing I found at the bottom of the veg drawer in the fridge. Love Lizzie

right tats the worst of it over. we now have 1 freezer full of homecooked portioned meals, the bottom shelf is also frozen veg and the like.
freezer 2 is full of meat, joints, steaks, chicken portions and mince waiting to be cooked off and the last one is the bought in stuff, potato wedges, samosas, spring rolls, chicken nuggets and so on, mostly left over from catering jobs we have done but make for a good buffet at a poker nights, all we need is a fryer and a continues stream of hot food is available.

We have taken out some fruit pulp for making more fruit scrolls, some beef for personal jerky, the stuff we sell is always made from fresh rump, and enough stuf for meals for the next 5 days.

this means we have 1 clear shelf in the 'meat' freezer and the chest freezer is down to the 1/2 way mark with the nuggets and stuff so a good start in getting the space we need,
what has surprised us is the fact that we have very little bought in ready foods, all of it is raw stuff or home cooked meals

Pilsbury wrote:
. . . what has surprised us is the fact that we have very little bought in ready foods, all of it is raw stuff or home cooked meals

Same here Pilsbury.  Every time I go to get something out of the freezer, I smile a smile of satisfaction that most of the "ready" meals in there are ones that have been prepared by me .  .  . curries, casseroles, bakes, bolognese, cottage pie, stocks, gravies, etc.

welcome back pilsbury!!   was starting to worry then , you've been gone one hellof a long time  

You always find stray peas and sweetcorn at the bottom of an emptied chest freezer - even if you you've never had/split peas or sweetcorn in there  

Glad to see Pilsbury survived his encounter. We really want to have enough to buy a small chest freezer to make the most of the 1/2 pig offer from the butcher down road etc.

But always take flairs when going in just in case  

we got our chest freezer off Freecycle a couple of years ago and its just so we could bulk buy meat as its the most expensive part of a meal and being able to stock up really brings the cost down.

we have taken to freezing all our left overs in single portions in the vac pac bags we use for the munchies as they are suitable for boil in the bag type cooking so we can just take out individual portions, let them defrost over night and then pop in a pan and simmer and dinners ready, we also take them camping so really we can eat home cooked all the time.  

But always take flairs when going in just in case

Why on earth would he need a spare pair of out of date trousers in a freezer?

Glad you made it out Pils. Hardly slept a wink last night.

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