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Winwood and Clapton

are touring in May 2010. Only 3 dates - Birmingham and London.

Hey Seabird I'm a big fan of these fellas I've seen both with different bands, Cream and Spencer Davis and saw both with Blind Faith

I need a drink now as I've just realised how long ago that was    

Well, Bullcross I'm definitely going to raid the piggy bank for tickets for this one!

Used to see Stevie Winwood with the Spencer Davis Group playing the pubs and clubs of Birmingham. In fact Steve Winwood used to jam with the Mike Burney jazz band (Mike Burney then went on to play in Wizard with Roy Wood!)

I'll see if I am allowed to go back in time and get back to ya  

Wahaaay!!  our tickets are booked!. Selling out fast!

lead me not into temptation....Winwood and Clapton together.....    

Would love to see that ...B'ham  ..a few mile down the 42......
but work is sparse a t present....maybe.? me finkin'....

thanks anyhows     have a good one  

PS long as its not the NIA...Went to see Tina Turner....  earlier this year...
the place is so 'BIG' can only watch the screene's

But !        

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