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Wine Slag !

No not quite what the title of this thread suggests  This BBC link actually shows what the French are doing with some of their old coal industry spoil heaps and vineyards, are just one of the uses they've put them to.

We call them bings, and Lanarkshire, the Lothians and Ayrshire used to be covered with them. We played on them as children, but not the red ones because those were still burning inside. We used to use the old breadboards as sledges on the bings. Came home absolutely filthy and our Mother's flited at us  
Most of the ones up here have been redd out for roadworks, but not all. Those that are left are becoming gently forested with pioneer species like birch.
Interesting to read that the grapes grow well on them.


Pit heaps in the North East. We also used bread trays to rocket down the steep sides of them. They have now been landscaped and you can hardly tell where they were.

The start of a Scottish wine industry? In North Staffordshire we were surrounded by slag heaps too, but now most of them have been turned into country parks, walks and nature reserves. All the miners are now extinct.

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