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Wine not clearing

5 gallon of wine been on now for 4wks+ it was a 21 day kit. It seemed to be doing ok but then started bubbling again cloudy & doesn't smell good tastes worse any advice or is it a down the drain job ????

What was the OG at the start and what is it reading now?? what was your temp while fermentation was taking place?

Never throw a brew away I have had some what I thought were disasters turn out to be really good brews
Providing your temps were steady and your pre brew cleaning and sanitising routine were good and if your gravity reading now is around the kit instructions then I would rack off into a secondary fermenter along with some campden tablets (2) and leave it so settle out and just keep racking until you are happy with the clarity
I have tried a couple of these fast kits and they have never tasted that good but leave them for 5/6 months and the taste improves

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