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Pen Y Bryn

Windfalls for the Kune Kunes

Well since my last posting, the Piggy trail, things are looking up. My wife and I harvested 200 Mangolds just before the frost came. They have been stored in plastic trays , each tray being covered with straw. I hope that helps them keep longer ?

Today I visited Bodgers apple orchard and he kindly said I could have the windfalls for the pigs. I filled two large sacks within an hour and he says I can go back for more.

I cant thank the forum and Bodger enough. I purchased some of his apple juice and its great.

Its a pleasure Graham.
Dave C

Your very lucky to have such a good neighbor Graham  

Are the Kune kunes destined for sausages or just pets?

They're pets Dave but early summer, Graham and myself may very well toddle off to Chelford market and get some more commercial type weaners. There are sometimes as many as ten weaners in a pen at the cattle market, so being able to split a load could suit both parties.
Dave C

Sounds like a plan  

I'm getting some more OSB x Large white next year, can't wait.
Pen Y Bryn

Windfalls for The Kune Kunes

When I got the two Kune Kunes I did intend to bring them on for meat. I was new to keeping pigs and soon discovered they were unsuitable. The sow was four years old and the boar a similar age and was castrated.

I have grown very attached to both pigs and they are now pets.

I am looking forward to next spring when I will accompany Bodger to the sales to buy weaners for bringing on for meat.

Each day I am learning more about pigs and am thoroughly enjoying it. The forum as been a great help.
Dave C

Good luck with them pal

I suspect you're doing Bodger good too
He must be missing having his pigs to check over, etc., and you've given him a bit of that back, and if he's talking of splitting a pen of weaners with you in the Spring, he's obviously planning too…..keeps folks active and awake and interested in things to be be busy and it's good to share knowledge.
I hope it all thrives for you.

I find the forum an interesting place; it's full of people who know the most amazing range of 'stuff', and they're helpful and happy to share too.


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