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Wind Farm?

I don't have an alternative answer readily at hand, infact, there might not be an answer to the UK energy problem, but does anyone else think that being able to power 240,000 homes is a very small return for a development on this massive scale?

One wonders just how much energy has been used in developing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining this installation ? I hate to think. Lets hope that all the sums have been done correctly and that at sometime in the future the project somehow moves into the black, both environmentally and economically.

The sums have been done correctly and it is a project that will become more efficient and cost effective at about the 5 year mark onwards after it comes on line.

Without a doubt the figures are staggering; a 780,000,000 investment to to supply 240,000 homes. Right, lets get it in perspective; that works out at a capital investment of 3250 per home. That is correct 3250 per home. That is comparable with a B&Q bought, DIY stick it on the roof of your house wind-turbine kit.

The capital returns for the investor will begin at around the 5 year mark, not because the output capacity of the wind turbines will increase, but because the energy companies are speculating on customer awareness of power consumption. An across the board 5% reduction of energy consumption; switching stuff off, low energy bulbs, AAA rated appliances, etc. means that 5% more homes can be supplied with wind generated electricity or another 1200 homes.

With an additional 1200 homes off the fossil fuel generated electricity supply, that can only be a good thing ...... ..... now look at the bigger picture and transfer similar figures across the rest of the UK wind farm projects; it all begins to add up, as there is a potential to remove another 250,000 homes from fossil fuel reliance.

I like the idea of using wind and solar energy.  At the moment I think we are just getting on the learning curve for alternative energy but I'm sure we will get a handle on it shortly.  Not to discount wind, but I see more hope in changing our power grids to a smart grid and the use of more solar power.  When you create 3 kwh of power 2 of these are lost due to the inefficiencies in the grid.  With the smart grid technology much of this can be saved.  I also like the idea of the new film solar panels that you just roll over the top of your home.  If the price of this would decrease then homes could be covered in this and the power source would be at the end place of use which would further reduce these inefficiencies in transport.

In all I have hope for all these technologies.  We have to make them cost effective which I'm sure we will in time.

When I was working as a deck winch mechanic on a North Sea Geo survey vessel last year I over heard a conversation that I probably shouldn't have.

It was theorised that the wind turbine energy fields also had another purpose; to supply the initial energy requirements for huge scale hydrogen fueled power stations. The idea being that the wind turbines supplied the current necessary for an electrolysis reaction to split seawater into hydrogen and oxygen which would then be used in an almost zero emissions electricity generator in a similar manner to the currently used fossil fueled, steam turbine driven alternator power stations. However, it was the by products from this electrolysis process that would be the economic prize; Fresh potable water, Salt, Iodine, and many other of the base chemical elements including Gold.

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