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Wild foods! Time for a list.

Place your recipes that use wild ingredients here.
We already have a game section so please try and avoid recipes that use it.
I've dropped on a nice little booklet, which has prompted this post.

Shamelessly pinched.

Chickweed Soup.
Prepare about 3 pints of stock with potatoes and onions, add about two handfuls of cleaned chickweed with any tough stems removed and then simmer for quarter of an hour. Season with salt and pepper, a few sprigs of uncooked chickweed and a little cream.

Its got to worth a try this spring.
green man

Na don't fancy that one, nettle wine is supposed to be good though anyone try it?

Nettle soup's supposed to be good too.  Haven't tried it but must have a go in the Spring and if I do I will report back  

Iron Age Soup
A soup recipe was devised at the iron age farm set up by the BBC for the TV series 'Living in the Past' They gathered nettle tops and wild garlic which they fried together in butter. They were then covered with stock and simmered for five minutes. This mixture was then finished off by adding fresh goats milk to it and the resulting soup eaten with unleavened bread.

I don't know about 'finished off' but I feel that at this jecture, I must point out that all the people from the iron age have long since died.  I think I'd rather go down to Ye Olde McDonalds.
green man

Well for fans of Camp Coffee or Birds Mellow Coffee , Try collecting Dandelion roots always save the whole plant for correct plant identification, Scrub the roots and remove the tops (young leaves are good in salad and the flowers make good wine so I am told), lay the roots dry on a baking tray
cut them so they are all about the same diameter fairly thin bit like julienne carrots, slow roast in a low heat oven until they are quite dry and brittle, then blitz the broken roasted bits in a blender until a fine powder is obtained, pop the result -fine dry brown powder into an airtight jar and use like coffee.
Big Phil

Dandilions do make good wine. The leaves, blanched, make for salads and the root, with burdock, makes beer.
Wild garlic is also great in salads, leaf and flower bud. The root benefits from a dry roast first.
Nettle makes good soup, wine and beer.
Roll on spring!

I fancy making Nettle Soup....when's the best time to try it, and whats a good recipe??
green man

HFW made some the other week didn't he, so someone on here is bound to have the recipe.

They are supposed to be young nettles, so probably spring time.

Captain_Dingbat wrote:
I fancy making Nettle Soup....when's the best time to try it, and whats a good recipe??

Here you go: Nettle Soup
Big Phil

Nettle is a good crop as you cut it and it will come again. Great for wildlife too.

I often use dandelion leaves in a salad, but watch it because they are a very good diuretic.  Hence their French name pis-en-lit.

not a recipe but a book the Elder in History myth and cookery you will find that it contains recipes poetry and medicinal uses of the elder from elder flowers to elder wood
although a translation it is worth a read or even the the cover price from Amazon being a limited interest book you may not find it at W.H. Smith
 The Elder in History Myth and Cookery
  By Ria Loohuizen
     Prospect books

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