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wiggly things in the water

Hi experts!,
You know those tiny wiggly thing that you get in water butts and that we have in our horse trough? Are they a problem to the horses? My wife keeps dumping the water out of the trough and starting again, I say there's no need and that wiggly things should be seen as a dietary supplement and people have probably been drinking them for years. What do you think?

They are mosquito larvae, and a great way to get rid of them is a couple of goldfish in the water trough.

Not sure if they are harmful to the horse if ingested however (the larvae not the fish)..


I would not have thought that insect larvae in water, or come to think of it insects on grass and fodder will do horses and stock any harm.

Come to think about: how many insects does your average cow/pig/sheep/goat/horse, etc. eat during their lifetimes?

My friend keeps goldfish in her troughs and the water is always crystal clear and no wigglies. They even survived through last winter.

The last time we tried putting goldfish in the water tubs the cat spent hours  catching them

Knowing one of our horses, he would be trying to get in there with them to catch them!


I'm not sure about causing the horses any trouble if they swallow them, but I keep mine washed out to try and cut down on the population of flies.


Thanks very much for all that info. ('')
Happy Christmas to all.

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