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Why Me ?

Kill a  minute or two by reading this.

I keep around thirty free range laying hens plus fifteen ducks. They are free to roam about on our four acres of orchards and pasture and all in all, I think they live quite an idyllic life.
In return, they give me the most fabulous eggs with deep orange yolks of which, I'm justifiably proud. To help pay for my hobby, I sell any surplus eggs at the farm gate. My customers can never have enough of them and even in the summer, when they're going full belt, I usually have a waiting list for eggs.

Now let me take you back three or four weeks in time to a knock on the front door. It was a middle aged women asking if I had any eggs for sale. I informed her that I did and at this stage, little did I know just exactly what I was letting myself in for.

Her  " Are they free range?"

Me   " Yes, they have acres to roam over"

Her  " Are they organic? "

Me   " No. The organic layers pellets are way more expensive than the non organic "

Her  " Do your pellets contain Soya"

Me   " I honestly don't know "

Her  " Soya does enormous damage to the human body, I'll drop some medical research off for you to look at. Would you consider feeding all your birds on non soya organic feed ? "

Me    " I'll look into it is, by the way, I also feed my birds on whole wheat and barley which I get from a local farmer " bdooly nutter I thought, here's hoping I don't see you again.

Her    " Is your wheat and barley organic ? "

Me     " I haven't got a clue but the farmer's nearly eighty years old. "

Three weeks forward, almost to present day and I have another knock on the door. Its the same woman again. This time, she's with her young son, a body builder and whose holding a 20kg  sack of organic layers pellets made by Allen and Page as if it was a feather.
I've sent off for this mail order she says. You don't have to pay me, I just want you to try your birds on it. !

Me    " Thanks very much, I'll give it a go and I'll look at whether its available locally."

Her    " I'll come and see you in the new year "

Oh shit ! I think, 2017 is going to be getting off to a cracking start.

Her     " By the way, can you keep your ducks and chickens away from your free range pigs, because their pig pellets will contain soya ? "

Then she thrusts this pearl drop into my hand.

So there you go folks, now you know how to get rid of your rats, or even the MIL. Simply feed them on plenty of chicken feed containing soya.  

Yesterday, I found that my local Wynnstay can supply the Allan and Page products.

Here are the prices for a 20kg bag. It is, shall we say quite interesting.

Their organic non soya layers pellets  are £16.90 pence a bag

There Smallholder range of non organic but soya free layers pellets are £9. 89p

However, Wynnstays own brand of non organic pellets which contain genetically modified soya and maize costs £6.00 a bag.

At the moment, I'm  selling my free range eggs at £2.50p a dozen and by my reckoning, if I was to decide to go down the road that this lady wants me to, then I'd not only have to charge her £7.00 per dozen but also charge all my others customers the same too.

What do you think that I should tell this lady when she makes her next visit to my door ?  

As I said at the very beginning " WHY ME ?"

2 words and the second one is off..  

I've already thought of that but I'm not sure she'd understand.

Nice present, if a bit loaded with emotional blackmail…..

Tell her just what you've told us. The financial realities of the feed input vs egg output….and just what that means since you would have to change your entire smallholding to suit.
Fine if the lady has a market for you, a reliable one that'll take  'all' of your produce, but otherwise, I can't see it being viable. Not at those prices.

There's so much rubbish talked about soya. It's a bean, it's good food. I wouldn't eat only soya, but as part of a healthy diet it's fine. It's both nutritious and incredibly useful.  
I'm pretty sure that's true for hen and pigs too
Some folks are sensitive, but then some folks can't eat nuts, or fish or eggs, or wheat.

Most folks don't go around pestering random farmers to totally change their feeding economy to suit just them though.


Great in theory but not in practical terms!! Silly bat!

Dave C

Tell her they've stopped laying  

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