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Why buy a computer ?

I bought an Android TV box from China - It can connect to the TV either via HDMI cable or by wireless.
It was already preloaded with Apps for Facebook Email a Browser (goole) and a fully loaded Kodi  ( can watch films/news/sport worldwide ) all for 20 quid !
Kodi (phoenix addon) gets thai  tv free over the internet so it saves the cable monthly fee of 6 quid.
Just out of curiosity I downloaded Andropen office -( same as microsoft office) for free and it works. Skype also loads but the webcam does not link.(I have a tesco hudl for skype anyway)
The box has 3 usb ports and I connected a keyboard-works. Thumb drives work too.
The thing works great - now I am not a gamer so I am struggling to see why I need a laptop or pc- maybe time will tell.

wow. time will tell i guess. and here I just want a macbookpro.

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