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Who won the war ?

On this day in 1976 Iceland broke off diplomatic relations with Britain after the two countries failed to agree on limits in the ‘cod war’ fishing dispute.

I think its fairly clear who won the war don't you? Iceland still has a significant fishing fleet, while we don't. Good on the Icelanders I say.

Still plenty of Cod to export to us at inflated prices too. We have no choice and they have the fish.
Not bad for a little island people.

Grimsby is still our largest fishing port, import only....very limited if any actual fishing fleet .....

Its a great shame that for whatever reason that we didn't take a leaf out of their book and protect our fleet and fishing grounds in. Instead,we let evry Tom, Dick, Ivan and San Miguel in. Thats why the price of fish is so high, our fishing stocks are bankrupt thanks to mismanagement.

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