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Yorkshire Geordie

Who loves wasps?

I was at Sidmouth yesterday and saw these wasps on a splashed drop of lollipop:-

A few yards away an area with tables was set out and lunches/snacks being served, people roaming and seated and FOUR wasp traps covered in wasps.
There must have been hundreds in the traps and flying around them trying to get in to the sweetness.
Is there a current shortage of bees because there's a surplus of wasps?  

There aren't many here, thankfully.

I once did a summer school at Keele University. There were thousands of wasps, just as you describe, they were even wasps coming out of the taps on the fruit juice dispensers in the buttery type place.
I just gave up eating there. It was horrible. I know they're not dirty like flies can be, but they're still not comfortable to be around in any number.


i never killed a wasp nest early in the season unless it was in a position that would cause me problems

Whilst the nest is building in numbers they only take protein, and will remove massive numbers of insects from your garden.  Mature wasps are interesting in that they cannot eat as such and are in fact feed by a sweet mucus type stuff exuded from the lava.  Once the season is changing and all the fertile cells have been hatched the nest is effectively dead and no more eggs will be laid, hence no lava and the remaining adult wasps have no food source.  Hence they are very bad tempered and come for any thing sweet which can be ingested as a liquid.

That is when your bottle traps baited with sweetness and filled with water and a couple of drops of washing  up liquid will harvest many of the annoying insects, which are already under nature's death sentence, so can be killed without feeling guilty at all.  

But early in the season, if you garden, they are your friends.
Yorkshire Geordie

Thank you for the information and insight, DBEggs.  
I have never considered them friendly, nor does Mrs YG.
I tolerate them but Mrs YG always flaps her arms and shoos them away, even when I tell her to ignore them and not to antagonise them.
In swarms, though, I feel more inclined to swat them.
I'm always cautious of them - as I am with bulls that get close to me on my countryside ambles.

A few years back  OH and i saw one in a butchers window on a piece of beef when took off and flew into the window we could see the raw beef in it,s jaws

I saw a badgers foray along a hedge once he had dug out 14 wasps nests in a 200 yard stretch to eat the grubs just shows how tough they are

As a full time Pest Controller I LOVE wasps  lol, they make me lots of £££££££££££££. But this year has been a quiet time on the wasp front in my area.

If wasps weren't so aggressive they wouldn't be persecuted the way they are. 1 wasp can sting upto 5 times and fly away and live  ( no barbs on their stings ) , unlike the poor ole honey bee  who has a barbed sting, and can only sting once then die  ( the sting comes out and stays pumping its poison into your body part )

When i was a kid we used to cybol a wasps nest and go back the next day and dig it out to get the grubs for fishing. We used to put the combs with the grubs in the oven to make them tough enough to hold on the hook the trout used to go wild for them
Needless to say you only did the oven bit when your dad was at the club and mam had gone to bingo............Happy dayz

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