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Which car if any

Did your mum and dad drive ?

Anglia 105E.
Mk. II Cortina.
Hillman Avenger.

Dad never gave up his push bike 'till 1964. I was 17 and passed my test about six moths after the Ol' Fella.

Mummy had a Broomstick Convertable with matching cat.

I can recall
A Bedford Dormobile
Vauxhall Cresta
A marroon Ford Consul ( Reg number 17 UEH)
Black Morris Minor
A Standard Van
Triumph Vitesse

Mum had a three wheeler reliant to follow on from the Honda 50 that she passed her test on.  Well done Grandma Bodger.

dad had a ford anglia...the round shape one, he gave that to my brother,
then a cortina mk 1 which was left to me after he died.

my first car was an austin 1100...fofl....then the cortina.....

Anglia was ETW 310 B.
Cortina was RRK 596 E.

Standard 8 then Singer Vogue then too many to list, he changed the car every 2 years max, Mother never did learn to drive

My Mother didn't either.
When I had my Audi 100 she kept on about how fast I was going. I soon got out of it though. Bless her heart, she had cateracts forming and I pointed to the dial and said, "Look Mum, just under 40" and she was happy.
Good job she never knew the difference between a speedo and a rev. counter! :evil9:

First motor my old dad had was a forties Ford 8 van with little windows cut in the side. Before that it was a Norton ES2 :bike:  
The first thing I ever drove in my days as an apprentice mechanic was a Jowett Bradford; not many of them about now!

My Dad had a Ford Zephyr, and then had Maxis, which were quite the most terrible cars ever on the road.

Mum had a Ford Pop and when that went a couple of Minis one after the other.  She went off the rails in the 70s with a Vauxhall Chevette!  

Starting from the first I can remember probably sometime in the late 60s
Grey mini van, I rode around on some loose cushions in the back!
Green triumph herald
Maroon Mk 1 ford escort
2 or 3 ford cortinas
Ford fiesta (might have been another escort as well)
Currently on their second freelander

Morris Minor 1000
Vauxhall Viva
Hillman Avenger
Vauxhall Chevette

My Dad had when I was young...

Hillman Imp
Morris 1000 Traveller
Mini Cooper
Triumph Vitesse
Renult 12  

Then recently ish a OMG dare I say it... nuffink to do with me  

A blooming....

welsh lamb

Hillman Minx - index XOO 721 - bench seats in the front

My dad had an Austin van for his bread round then an Anglia saloon - with pop out indicators -followed by an Anglia estate. Then a Cortina with those nice tri part rear lights. then we had a renault that had been in a bad flood and every time the sun warmed it up it smelled of old floorcloths! Finally the year before he died he got his first NEW car...and god was it a heap of shyte it was a Moskvich...I was 11 at the time and it had NO street cred to turn up in this thing.  Thanks for making me remember them all..Love Lizzie

My Mum's cars were:

Hillman Imp (it was yellow and black so we nicknamed it the Bumblebee as children)
Ford 10
Renault 4 (I think - with a stick gear change - she was always grinding the gears)
Austin 1100 (which I later bought from Mum as my first car and it was older than me - I was 17 years, it was 23 years)
then her cars got modern and boring  
green man

Scroll down this page, these are what I grew up with- Never sat in a new car in my life I'm proud to say.  Did my Europe trip in the Bedford CA-LV  van, column change, fantastic van.

Dad had a Ford Prefect adapted for disabled driver and carefully looked after from the day that the doctor ordered him off his horse (much to his disgust) till the day he died.

Hillman Minx - index XOO 721 - bench seats in the front

Three gear column change? Plus an ikkle Mercedes.

first car was ford aAnglia old c reg next car was a Hilman Minx Hunter shape. then on to a Mini  Works cars ever since

my fathers cars that i can remember were armstrong siddley, morris oxford, wolesly six-eighty , humber hawk, humber super snipe. ford zehyr, all bigish cars and old in the tooth when we got them!

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